Polycarbonate Six-wall hollow sheet

Polycarbonate Six-wall  hollow sheet

Model No.︰PC-4

Brand Name︰YUEMEI

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 13.67 / sq

Minimum Order︰1000 sq

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Product Description

Polycarbonate Six-wall pc hollow sheet are manufactured by 100% virgin material from Bayer, approved by ISO 9001: 2000 with 10 years warranty.

Commodity Size Price ( with UV)                         FOB Guangzhou Weight
thickness(mm) width(m) length(m) Yuemei  Brand kg/㎡
Six-wall pc hollow sheet
12 2.1 5.8 13.67USD/( with UV) 3.00
14 2.1 5.8 14.55USD/( with UV) 3.20
16 2.1 5.8 15.45USD/( with UV) 3.40

1.Using the latest multi-layer co-extruded technology.
2.Ten years guarantee
3.Keep temperature, heat insulation, better lighting effects
4.High strength, high rigidity
5.UV resistant,Anti-aging
6.flame retardant B1-grade material ,  self-extinguishing away fire
7.save energy and reduce consumption
8.more durable
9.more beautiful and fashionable after use PC upper and lower fastener install than normal pc hollow sheet after installation

Application range:
1.agriculture greenhouse in cold climate region
2.Roof material
3.plant in factory
5.industrial lighting system
6.Long-span structures
7.Warehouse roof
8.Warehouse and museum lighting system and so on

Optional Information:
- HS Code : 39206100
- Payment : T/T, L/C, Western Union
- Delivery : 7-10 days
- Origin : Guangzhou, China
- Minimum Order : 1000 Sq meter
- Packaging : PE film
- Inspection : Welcome
- Samples : small samples can be provided based on freight collect.

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Payment Terms︰ T/T, L/C